INTO THE ALL : out now on Candela Rising


Zanias is a singer, performer, producer and DJ based in Berlin. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, raised in Southeast Asia, and attended university in London. She found her voice when she teamed up with Ryan Ambridge to form Linea Aspera, and later the band Keluar with Sid Lamar of Schwefelgelb. After obtaining a degree in archaeology and anthropology, she left behind a life in academia to focus on music full time and relocated from London to Berlin in 2013. There she co-founded the body music collective ‘Fleisch’ and now runs the record label of the same name while simultaneously writing and performing her own work, which she co-produces with Alex Akers of Forces.  

In 2016 Zanias released her debut EP ‘To the Core’ on Vienna’s Noiztank label, followed by an EP of remixes by producers such as Dax J and Unhuman in 2017, and so her voice was fully introduced into the realm of techno dancefloors. In 2018 she released her debut album ‘Into the All’ on Candela Rising. Like her previous release, it aims to pull listeners deeper into an unchartered wilderness, unbound by genres or trends and purely focused on the distillation of timeless emotions and rhythms, with her voice acting as the ubiquitous guide.

Her live sets are a spectacle and catharsis led by an intense vocal performance, while in her DJ sets she expresses this emotive force in the form of evocative melodies intricately woven through industrial beats and EBM basslines, aimed to move both the body and the mind.