Into the All Cover Image.jpg

Into the All

by Zanias

Candela Rising - CAN009LP
Release date: 3rd of December, 2018

Zanias has been hard at work over the years as part of many projects including the Dark Entries affiliated Linea Aspera and minimal wave band Keluar with Sid Lamar. Since then, she has been curating Fleisch, a club series and record label releasing music from the likes of Schwefelgelb, Forces and Kontravoid. 

As a solo artist, she has released her debut EP ‘To The Core’ in 2016 and has been collaborating with some of electronic music’s most respected figures. Appearing on Dax J’s critically acclaimed ‘Offending Public Morality’ LP, as well as providing vocals on Black Rain’s ‘Dark Pool’ album on Blackest Ever Black and working with Ancient Methods on last year’s ‘Andromeda’ which was released on Candela Rising. 

‘Into The All’ is the culmination of extensive recording and experimentation. It charts a journey of psychospiritual evolution, from an unconscious state through to death and enlightenment. Inspired by the works of Ken Wilber and Yuval Noah Harari, it expresses both a personal journey and one that applies to all of humanity. Utilising field recordings of birds, gibbons and insects from Malaysia and Australia, and samples of instruments from Indonesia (a reference to her childhood spent there), Armenia and ancient Norway and Sumeria, alongside synthesisers and drum machines.